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Listing Process

Your listing with Laser Resale reaches a niche market of customers looking specifically for pre-owned laser systems, laser associated equipment and optical equipment.

All brokered listings go through a qualification process prior to being added to our site. The process is as follows:

  1. Create your listing
  2. Agree to our Seller Terms & Conditions (see below)
  3. A Laser Resale representative will review your listing and may request:
    • Additional description or product details
    • Additional photos
    • Inspection of equipment
  4. Upon completion of qualification, your listing will be added to our site immediately.

Terms and Conditions

All sellers must agree to Laser Resale's Terms & Conditions before your listing will appear on our site. The following is the typical agreement.

In exchange for Laser Resale's assistance in locating buyers of equipment, the client (also called "seller"), who agrees to this by using Laser Resale services, agrees to notify Laser Resale within 10 days of the sale of the equipment.

If Laser Resale has introduced the buyer of the equipment, this notification must include the names of the parties involved and the final sale price. It is also agreed that the sale price and the conditions of sale are the responsibility of the seller and Laser Resale has no responsibility for inaccuracies in equipment descriptions or the actual condition of the equipment.

If the equipment is sold to a buyer introduced to the seller by Laser Resale, the seller agrees to pay Laser Resale Inc. a service fee in accordance with the following schedule:

Sale PriceFee*
Less than $1,333$200
$1,333 - $5,000 15% of sale price
$5,000 - $6,000$750
$6,000 - $24,00012.5%
$24,000 - $30,000$3000
$30,000 - $50,00010%
Above $50,000$5,000 + 5% in excess of $50,000

Or any other fee agreed upon in writing by both the seller and Laser Resale Inc. This fee is due within 10 working days of the completion of sale.

The agreement of the seller is an affirmation that:

  • He or the organization he represents has clear title to the equipment described.
  • He has the authority to pay a service fee.
  • He is authorized to make such a decision.

The seller also certifies that all items for sale are in good condition and meet original specifications or has so stated any equipment deviations in the listing form.