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Do you have questions or are you still learning about lasers? Here is some information to get you started.

The Value of Buying Used

Used lasers and laser related equipment help you:

  • Greatly lowers the purchasing price, usually less than 1/2 new
  • Buying used is recycling and is good for the environment
  • Double up existing older systems with the same system
  • Extend the value of existing systems with replacement parts
  • Usually ship immediately

All Laser Resale's listings are qualified by our representatives before they appear on our site. Each listing has a "Condition" ranking, so you know the relative value of the equipment you are buying.

Selecting the Right Laser

Lasers are used in so many different applications that a new user might find the topic a little daunting. We've put together a tool to help new users narrow down the kind of system they need.

We have put together some information to help you select the right laser for your needs.

See our Selecting the Right Laser page to get specific information about the type of laser you are looking for.


Can I make my purchase online?
No. When you send a product request, a Laser Representative will contact you to confirm product availability, provide shipping and other details.
What do the "Condition" ratings mean?
Every listing on Laser Resale has been qualified by a Laser Resale representative. Here is a key to the ratings:
  • Excellent: Either extremely well maintained or unused
  • Very good: Very well maintained or very low usage
  • Good: Well-maintained. Works well
  • Fair: Operational but well used
  • Visibly good: Looks good but operational condition unknown
  • Good for parts: Can vary. Not usable as a complete system
Visit our FAQs page to get answers to other laser-related questions.

Links About Lasers

If you are new to lasers or want to learn more, visit the links below (each will open in a new window).