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Does Laser Resale buy and sell medical lasers?
No, we do not buy or sell medical lasers.

Does Laser Resale buy and sell laser printers?
No, we do not buy or sell laser printers.

How can I contact Laser Resale?
You can always contact us online or at:

Laser Resale Inc.
54 Balcom Road
Subury, MA 01776

Phone: (978) 443-8484
Fax: (978) 443-7620

Can I make my purchase online?
No. When you send a product request, a Laser Resale representative will contact you to confirm product availability, provide shipping and other details.

Can I use a credit card for my purchase?
Some items can be purchased using a credit card. Contact a Laser Resale representative to find out if you can use a credit card to purchase the product you are interested in.

Do prices including shipping costs?
Prices do not include shipping cost. Shipping costs will vary depending on the item, shipping method, the shipping origin and destination.

What do the "Condition" ratings mean?
Every listing on Laser Resale has been qualified by a Laser Resale representative. Here is a key to the ratings:

****** (Excellent condition): Either
extremely well maintained or unused

***** (Very good condition): Very well
maintained or very low usage

**** (Good condition): Well-maintained.
Works well

*** (Fair condition): Operational but
well used

** (Visibly good condition): Looks good
but operational condition unknown

* (Good for parts): Can vary. Not usable
as a complete system

What are the different demonstration types?

* Can demo: The item can be demonstrated operational at the location of sale
* Cannot demo: The item has been taken out of operation and cannot be demonstrated
* In storage: The item is not in operation and usually cannot be demonstrated

Where are the products located?
Most lasers, laser systems and related equipment are located throughout the USA. A few products are located in other countries, these locations are noted in the listing.

Can I sell my used laser equipment on Laser Resale's web site?
Yes! Learn more about listing your item and the qualification process on our Information for Sellers page.

Does Laser Resale charge for listings?
No. There is no charge for listing an item with Laser Resale.