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LPL Systems, Inc. LPL Stent Cutter

Manufactured by:
LPL Systems, Inc.
Model number:
LPL Stent Cutter
Year manufactured:
Good condition 
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LPL SYSTEMS Stent Cutter is a state-of-the-art laser that is used to cut medical-grade stents employed in the medical field. It consists of three main components: a laser cavity, a beam delivery equipment, and a controller. The laser cavity houses the laser source, a set of lenses, a reflector, and a cooling system that help keeps the temperatures stable to ensure superior cutting quality. The beam delivery unit is responsible for harnessing the laser light and safely directing it to the area of cutting with precision. Lastly, the controller works with the beam delivery machine to provide accurate control over the stent cutting process, including the output power and speed of the laser beam. In terms of power, the Stent Cutter uses diode-pumped solid state lasers to generate pulses with tremendous energy and can cut a variety of materials, ranging from stainless steel to titanium. The lasers are also capable of producing pulsed beams with a very precise width to provide more accuracy for cutting, minimizing thermal damage caused by exposure to the beam. Moreover, the diode-pumped solid state lasers are attached to the beam delivery tool via fiber-optic cables to ensure that the beam is directed precisely over short distances and at the highest power levels that are required. In addition, this laser has a user interface that is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It includes graphical displays that demonstrate the progress of cutting and allows users to adjust parameters to adjust the output power to achieve their desired cutting results. Furthermore, the laser is designed to be extremely reliable, ensuring safety and accuracy no matter the environment. Overall, LPL SYSTEMS Stent Cutter is an excellent laser for cutting stents for the medical field. With its advanced features, it ensures superior results and safety when used with appropriate care and attention. With its unbeatable quality, it is the go-to laser for medical professionals who require accurate and precise cutting results.
Max Average Power:
50 watt
Max Peak Power:
100 watt
Pulse Shaping:
Beam Delivery:
Hard Optics
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
X and rotary
System Input Power II:
208-240 VAC single phase
Item Number:
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