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Kern Electronics & Lasers KER52100-KT300 ECO

Manufactured by:
Kern Electronics & Lasers
Model number:
KER52100-KT300 ECO
Year manufactured:
New or Like New 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Hours of Use or Pulse Count:
270 hours
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
INCLUDES: PolyScience CA10A3T1-41AA1N Water Chiller // Two 2hp Centrifugal Exhaust Fans // Hewlett-Packard computer System // Also Includes Accessories typically included with Kern Laser systems
Equipment location:
Additional information:
Bought in Dec 2022, this laser was our replacement unit for our previous Boss Laser we had relied on since 2016. More powerful than our OptiFlex, yet much slimmer in bed size made this unit a powerhouse when dealing with thicker plywood up to an 1 inch thick! /// 52" x 100" vacuum bed for holding material down, nice and flat. /// 300 watt laser power (true power is 500w to insure longer laser life) /// only 270 hours operational usage. These VERY low hours are due to us not needing two powerful, fast lasers constantly running like we originally thought. /// Max Engraving Speed = 100 in/sec // Max Cutting Speed = 20 in/sec // We Typical Engraved at 100 inc/sec // Our Typical Cutting Speed = 3.5 in/sec on 1/4" baltic birch plywood /// PICKUP ONLY - You will be responsible for coming to pick it up. Thankfully the weight and size of this machine allows it to be easily picked up by most traditional size forklifts, with maybe an extender on the tines just to be safe. Rental of a forklift capable of loading this will be necessary. /// If you're not interested in this Eco, we also have a much larger bed size, 200 watt, 60" x 120" OptiFlex listed on this website also. (Item 7950) // We've had to downsize our business in the past year and no longer need two lasers, so we are currently offering up either one of our two Kern lasers for sale, keeping whichever one doesn't sell first.
System Hours of Operation (hours):
270 hours
Laser Model Number:
KT300 (see nameplate photo)
Laser Date of Manufacture:
September 2022
Laser Rated Power (watts):
300 watts
Laser Actual Power (watts):
500 watts
Laser Hours of Operation (hours):
270 hours
Laser Cooling:
Water Chiller Unit Included
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
52" x 100"
System Controller & Software:
System Input Power I:
208-230 VAC single phase
Cutting Software:
Corel Draw and KCam7
Laser Manufacturer:
Kern Electronics & Lasers
Item Number:
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