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Light Conversion Pharos SP06-200-PP

Manufactured by:
Light Conversion
Model number:
Pharos SP06-200-PP
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
INCLUDES: Pharos laser head // Control electronics // Termotek heater-chiller // Cables between the units.
Equipment location:
Additional information:
PHAROS is a Femtosecond Laser for Industry and Science. //// The manufacturer is Light Conversion for the femtosecond laser and the control electronics. The Termotek heater-chiller was the one recommended and then purchased directly from Light Conversion. Included are the cables that were used to operate the system. //// The laser has been used for a 5 year development project that has now ended. // The control electronics and the heater chiller units were bought new directly from Light Conversion. // The laser head unit was bought used, and was upgraded and serviced by Light Conversion at the project start. This confirmed that the laser condition met the quoted specification. The service reports from Light Conversion are available to confirm the laser performance. // The user manuals are all available. // There is an extensive software package included, ensuring a simple PC based operation and allowing fast and easy integration into various processing devices. The latest software is obtained directly from Light Conversion. // KEY FEATURES: Tunable pulse duration: 200 fs to 10 ps // 600 micro joules maximum pulse energy // 6 watts output power // 200kHz tunable base repetition rate // Pulse picker for pulse‑on‑demand operation // Rugged, industrial grade mechanical design // There are 3 items, each has it's own container for shipping. // Additional information: The heater chiller requires distilled water, not DI water. A 5 litre water distiller can also be included if required.
Energy per Pulse I (mJ):
0.6 mJ
Maximum Pulse rate (Hz):
200 KHz
Pulse Width :
200fs to 10ps
Average Power (watts):
Item Number:
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