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Universal Laser Systems VLS 4.75

Manufactured by:
Universal Laser Systems
Model number:
VLS 4.75
Year manufactured:
New or Like New 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Hours of Use or Pulse Count:
very little
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
CPU, flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Equipment location:
State of Washington
Additional information:
Universal Laser Systems, ULS, has developed the world's most advanced, powerful and fexible laser print driver. // 1-Touch Laser Photo marking: ULS has developed this software to make any photographic image suitable for laser engraving. // This ULS laser system uses their exclusive line of patented CO2 Free-Space Gas Slab Lasers, specifically designed for the needs of laser cutting, engraving, graphic imaging and marking applications. // This system includes High Power Density Focusing Optics. These optics allow the laser beam to be focused to a much smaller spot, producing sharper images at tighter tolerances. // Rapid Reconfiguration: This laser cartridge is factory pre-aligned for easy integration into any ULS laser platform.
Max Average Power:
60 watt
Max Peak Power:
60 watt
Pulse Shaping:
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
System Controller & Software:
System Input Power II:
120 VAC
Engraver Type:
Raster and Vector
System Input Power I:
120 VAC
Laser Rated Power (watts):
60 watts
Laser Actual Power (watts):
60+ watts
Laser Cooling:
Engraving field size:
18 " x 24"
Item Number:
Primary photo
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