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Vytek Vytek 9648

Manufactured by:
Model number:
Vytek 9648
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
INCLUDES: Honeycomb table inserts // Chiller // iLaser vision system // 4.0" FL Focus optic with telescopic head assembly with 1.25" of adjustment // Magnus Series Laser System 4896HD Includes: // Work Area: 49" x 98"(1220 mm x 2460 mm) // 450 watt CO2 laser water cooled includes laser chiller // 10" adjustable table height with 2-zone downdraft table with aluminum slat support surface // Full width updraft fume manifold // 5 HP Fume pump with hose connection to machine, NOTE: requires venting outside // Integrated Industrial grade computer with Job Manager Interface // LaserWorx Cutting & LaserGrav Engraving Software // Training and Support 2-year subscription to Laser U online learning management portal for two people // Remote pendant with pendant pedestal // 4.0"" FL Focus optic with telescopic head assembly with 1.25"" of adjustment // Automatic Air Assist // Optic cleaning & maintenance kit // LaserWorx Advanced Nesting Option // For true shape nesting and material savings // 4896 HD Honeycomb Table Inserts // Fits all 2 zone table options // Sold in 4' x 4' sections" I-Laser Vision Alignment System // For auto alignment of printed materials // Head mounted high resolution camera with lighting // 7.5 IN (190mm) Focal Length Lens and holder ideal for cutting materials between and 1 but also for thinner materials that may not be perfectly flat as you have a greater depth of field //
Equipment location:
Toronto area, Ontario, Canada
Additional information:
Installation and training available and can be quoted separately // Tube was just refurbished by Synrad in April 2023 // Machine is in almost new condition, rarely used. April 2023 notes: (1) Laser tube has been replaced, machine is running perfectly.(2) New videos available showing parts parts just cut,
Laser Manufacturer:
Laser Model Number:
4896 HD
Laser Date of Manufacture:
Laser Rated Power (watts):
Laser Actual Power (watts):
Laser Cooling:
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
49" x 98"
System Controller & Software:
Laserworx & LaserGrav
System Input Power I:
220 VAC, 3 phase
Cutting Software:
Laser Hours of Operation (hours):
System Hours of Operation (hours):
Synrad tube refurbished April 2023. Only test hrs since.
Item Number:
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