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Cobolt Skyra

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APPLICATION:The ideal application for this laser (actually three lasers in one) is for fluorescence microscopy. Those specific wavelengths are the perfect excitation source for common fluorescent dyes used in biological research. Namely FAM (fluorescein), HEX Cy3.5, and Cy5. Moreover, their combination into a small box with a single fiber output, their incredible power density at the output of the fiber, and their power stability leaves plenty of engineering flexibility for an optical microscopy researcher to integrate into their setup.
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Used for only a few hours to generate data on a grant. Like new. 457nm 50mW (all powers listed at fiber output) 561nm 50mW 647nm 50mW Heat sink with fans S&K SM/PM 2m fiber Direct intensity modulation of each line individually, fast and deep modulation from versatile input signals with complete dark state capability Compact, robust package with integrated electronics Intergrated fiber coupled Beam diameter at aperture 700 100 μm Beam symmetry > 0.85
Hours of Use or Pulse Count:
8 hours
Wavelength (nm):
Multiline 457nm, 561nm, 647nm
Average Power (watts):
50mW all lines at fiber output
Pulse Rate (Hz):
457nm & 657nm DC - 5MHz, 561nm DC - 5kHz
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