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Coherent Mira 900F w/ Verdi V10 pump

Manufactured by:
Model number:
Mira 900F w/ Verdi V10 pump
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
Includes: Verdi pump laser // A Chiller for the Verdi // many ancillary parts and accessories // Regarding the main photo, the Mira 900F and Verdi V10 system that is being sold under this item is the Mira 900 closest to the camera and the Verdi to the right in the photo.
Equipment location:
Eastern Massachusetts
Additional information:
The Verdi has a power of 8.49 W at a current of 19.50 A. (See photo) // The modelocked (Pulsed) time averaged power of the Mira is in the red region near 800 nm is 934 mW. (See photo) At the 76 MHz repetition rate, this corresponds to about 12.3 nJ/pulse. The doubled (SHG), blue light near 400 nm, with an average power over 100 mW, which can also be generated using an external BBO crystal. // The Mira laser generates 50 femtosecond pulses that are tunable and the peak of the fundamental tuning curve is around 800 nm. We use BBO crystals to double this tunable wavelength into the blue around 400 nm. The Verdi 10 pump laser is a 10W cw laser running at 532nm. The Verdi output power is controlled by the applied current.
Maximum Pulse rate (Hz):
76 MHz
Pulse Width :
50 femtoseconds, with option to convert to picosecond operation.
Energy per Pulse I (mJ):
12.3 nJ/pulse
Average Power (watts):
CW Power of the Mira is 1.147 W (see photo)
Item Number:
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