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Trumpf 6020 in a VWS1200

Manufactured by:
Model number:
6020 in a VWS1200
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
INCLUDES: XYZ table with travel: X travel = 25.50"; Y travel = 14.7"; Z travel = 10.3"// Navigator parameter option, used to establish new laser parameters. // Grid table NOT included and Standard T Slot plate will be provided.
Equipment location:
Additional information:
The scan area of 180mm x 180mm is positioned above the XYZ table described above. // The max output according to the manual is 50W. This is listed as 17watts because that is what is shown in the machines Diagnostics tool. A 6020 laser is listed at a average laser power of 17W. You then adjust the diode max current as the diode wears. It is running good at 17W. // Grid table NOT included. Standard T Slot plate will be provided.
System Hours of Operation (hours):
Laser Model Number:
Laser Type I:
Diode Pumped
Marking Area:
180mm x 180mm (~ 7" x 7") galvo scanned
Wavelength(s) (nm):
1064 nm
Pulse Characteristics I:
CW & Q-Switched
Laser Date of Manufacture:
July 2007
Laser Rated Power (watts):
Laser Actual Power (watts):
Laser Cooling:
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
XYZ table: X=25.50", Y=14.7", Z=10.3"
System Controller & Software:
TruTopsMark 2.7
System Input Power I:
200 VAC 3 phase
Laser Manufacturer:
Item Number:
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