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Quantel Emas

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Very good condition 
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Extra new lamps can be purchased.
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Big Sky/Quantel q-switched pulsed yag laser frequency doubled to 532nm // Big Sky/Quantel twin cavity oscillator // Amplifier can be set for 125mj/pulse @ 532nm , or 250mj/pulse @ 1064nm and @ 6ns pulse width // Therefore average power @ 532 = 5 watts and average power at 1064 = 10 watts // The adjustable rep-rate currently running at 28 Hz but adjustable up to 40 Hz rep-rate. // Power can be increased to 150 mj/pulse @ 532nm or 300mj/pulse. // System is computer controlled via RS-232 port. // Uses Teraterm freeware, but can run on other software and freeware. // Power supply is similar to a computer tower and operates on 120 VAC or 220 VAC, single phase, voltage auto-switching. // Beam profiles are shown in pictures. // Lasers are in excellent condition, and come with manual. // Included is a 90 day warranty. // The systems' original acquisition cost was nearly $100,000 each when new. // More than 10 systems are available. // Discounts for multiple units purchased. // Can be shipped international. // We also have new shot lamps rated 50 millon shots in stock for these systems at additional cost.
Wavelength(s) (nm):
@1064,@532 (If applicable)
Energy per Pulse II (mJ):
250@1064, 125@532
Maximum Pulse rate (Hz):
Pulse Width I (nsec):
6 nsec
Internally Water Cooled
Item Number:
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