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Continuum Surelite SLII-10

Manufactured by:
Model number:
Surelite SLII-10
Year manufactured:
Good condition 
Asking price:
Included extras:
Equipment location:
South Florida
Additional information:
Continuum Surelite II pulsed scientific Nd:YAG Model SLII-10 laser system // Producing factory spec. power at 1064 nm and 532 nm // The 355nm and 266nm harmonics are available for an additional charge // Rated 650 mJ/pulse @ 1064 nm and 300 @ 532 nm // 5-7 ns pulse width at 1064nm and 4-6 ns pulse width at 532nm // System Tested operational // Input voltage: 208-240V, single phase power // Please feel free to contact us for more photos, specifications, or any further questions.
Wavelength(s) (nm):
1064nm and 532nm
Energy per Pulse II (mJ):
650 mJ/pulse @ 1064nm, 300 mJ/pluse @ 532 nm
Maximum Pulse rate (Hz):
Pulse Width I (nsec):
5-7 ns @ 1064nm and 4-6 ns @ 532 nm
Internally Water Cooled
Item Number:
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