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Coherent Infinity

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Tested, Working: Coherent Infinity Tunable Scientific Nanosecond Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser System Q-switched pulsed Nd:YAG laser // At Rep rate of 0.1-50 Hz: 500 mj/pulse at 1064nm and 250mj/pulse at 532nm and Pulse width: 3.5ns at 1064 nm, and 3ns at 532nm // At rep rate of 50-100 Hz: 400 mj/pulse at 1064nm and 200 mj/pulse at 532nm // Divergence, full angle: < 9.7 mrad // Line width: single longitudinal mode < 2x transform limit due to diode pumped injection seeded oscillator // Single shot: < 250 MHz Timing jitter: < 500 psec SBS cell (phase conjugate mirror) for wave front phase correction // Output beam size: 5.5mm // Includes manual. // XPO Type II (OPO) and XPO-UV currently installed. // Tuning Range: Signal: 420 to 650 nm, Idler: 2200 to 1000 nm, SHG: 210 to 325 nm (420 to 650 nm) System measured running at 10 Hz producing factory spec. power of 250 mj per pulse @ 532 nm (please see images). More images available upon request.
Wavelength(s) (nm):
1064nm and 532nm
Energy per Pulse II (mJ):
Varies, please see above description
Maximum Pulse rate (Hz):
See above
Pulse Width I (nsec):
See above
Internally Water Cooled, External Water Required
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