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Lexel 350

Manufactured by:
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Year manufactured:
Visibly good condition 
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Equipment location:
Colorado, USA
Additional information:
Lexel 350 dye laser and circulator. // Optics appear to be in good condition, and circulator worked well when I first got this laser. // Unsure of the year of manufacture as it is not on the plate. The patent was filed in 1982 however. // I never got around to buying a pump laser, so never used it. // I am unfamiliar with larger dye lasers, and could not find a manual on it. // I believe it has a birefringent plate, as it has a vernier dial on the side, but it was also possible to get with an etalon. // The patent is the only document I was able to find and it states that it is easily convertible from linear to ring configuration, and could be configured to sweep a spectrum range electrically. // I can't guarantee this laser has everything mentioned in the patent however, and I am fairly sure it doesn't. I can furnish a copy of the patent upon request. // THIS SYSTEM IS BEING SOLD WHERE-IS-AS-IS.
Pump Laser Information:
Argon (However, pump laser not included.)
Power Output:
3.5 W
Dye Circulator,Birefringent plate
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