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Vytek LS5050

Manufactured by:
Model number:
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Hours of Use or Pulse Count:
800 hours since rebuilt tube
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
Basically all the bells and whistles offered when machine was manufactured plus a couple of new bells. INCLUDES: (1) Adjustable height head for metal cutting. (This is required for cutting metal with 150 watts.) The optics move up and down to adjust for height variations in the metal being cut. NOTE: With this power and this metal cutting option, this system is able to cut 1/16 inch steel. 2) Cover gas includes 3 options, oxygen, nitrogen, and ship air. Can cover with mixture of these. (3) Two tables: (a) Removable honeycomb for metal and (b) another cutting tray. (4) Up and down draft. // MODIFICATIONS SINCE PURCHASE: (1) Accordion dust guard. (2) Quick change triple gas hub. (3) Sealed mirror chamber to reduce cleaning intervals. (Went from monthly to almost never.) (4) Positive pressure optic runs with oversized air filter. (5) Tripled the updraft plinth size for better fume evacuation. (6) 48" Y axis LED light strip for better visibility. (7) Optic temperature overheat sensor that shuts beam off before tube can get damaged. (8) Sealed pulley and side chamber with optical window. (9) Cooling Chiller.
Equipment location:
Northern Colorado
Additional information:
This system has been mostly been idle since we recharged the tube and bought the bigger laser in 2015. // Installed new bearing rails blocks in 2016. // Has always been in a climate controlled environment with max shop temp of 76 degrees. // Has lots of power in a relatively small size. (Still a good size table.) Great for smaller shop! // Open bed allows parts larger than 48"x 48" to be feed in and out. // Has new honeycomb table.
System Hours of Operation (hours):
Laser Manufacturer:
Laser Model Number:
Laser Date of Manufacture:
Laser Rated Power (watts):
150 watts
Laser Actual Power (watts):
188 watts
Laser Hours of Operation (hours):
800 hours
Laser Cooling:
System XYZ Travel (inches or ):
50" x 50" x 16"
System Controller & Software:
Laserworx (cutting) // Photoshop & Gerber (engraving)
System Input Power I:
220 VAC single phase
Cutting Software:
Item Number:
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