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Schwartz Electro-Optics TI-SPB

Manufactured by:
Schwartz Electro-Optics
Model number:
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
INCLUDES: Pump steering mirrors and mounts, cavity mirrors and mounts, optical diode and mount, etalon and mount, crystal and mount, birefringent filter and mount, optical breadboard, laser cover, all items seen in pictures.
Equipment location:
Additional information:
This system does not include a pump laser nor a chiller. Note that the Argon laser head in the background is not included (because this argon is not operational.) Suggest that this Ti:Sapphire be pumped by a Coherent Verdi
Output Tunable Wavelength Range (nm):
890-1020 nm
Pump Laser Type:
No pump laser included. Suggest Coherent Verdi
CW Laser: Power (Rated):
800 mW
CW Laser: Power (Actual):
500 mW with 5 W pump
External Water Required
Item Number:
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