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JDS Uniphase (Nanolase) NP-1030-100

Manufactured by:
JDS Uniphase
Model number:
(Nanolase) NP-1030-100
Year manufactured:
Very good condition 
Asking price:
Price when new:
Hours of Use or Pulse Count:
unknown, no meter
Included extras:
Equipment location:
Additional information:
This laser produces 17-18 mW average power in sub 1 nanosecond nanojoule level pulses at a rep rate of several KHz. // The pulse length is usually around 800 picoseconds // the peak power can be very high. // In Good condition, stable, 30 day warranty.
Wavelength(s) (nm):
1064 nm
Laser Output Characteristics:
Pulsed Only
Power or Energy per Pulse ( Watts,mJ):
nanojoules at KHz, 18 mW average power, <1 nS
Beam Quality:
TEM 00
Air only
Item Number:
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