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Laser Quantum GEM

Manufactured by:
Laser Quantum
Model number:
Year manufactured:
New or Like New 
Asking price:
Quantity available:
Included extras:
Parts and accessories:
Laser head, cable, controller, DC power supply, manual copy
Equipment location:
Central Florida
Additional information:
This is a very high quality, FC fiber coupled green laser. Super stable with a diffraction limited beam. Laser must be turned on/off by RS232 control. Pump diode has 40K hour design lifetime.This is a great laser for Raman Spectroscopy. May be used as a free spece beam laser by simply putting a short focal length lens one focal length from the fiber port; the resulting beam is excellent. Uses 50 micron multimode fiber with FC connector.
Wavelength(s) (nm):
532 nm
Laser Output Characteristics:
CW only
Power or Energy per Pulse ( Watts,mJ):
rated 500 mW; actual over 1 Watt
Beam Quality:
TEM 00, coherence length under 1 cm
Air only
Item Number:
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